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A 40hr training with Becky Farbstein


Teacher Training

Join SYT Becky Farbstein and take your skills as a yoga teacher to the next level. This 40-hour CPD course focuses on two essential, practical skills that will elevate your teaching: Class and course planning and practical anatomy. Through learning how to build a curriculum for your yoga classes, you will gain skills to teach more cohesive classes, while also saving yourself time and energy, avoiding the frantic panic to plan a class at the last minute, and minimising yoga teacher burnout. Diving more deeply into practical embodied anatomy will help you to better observe students, make intelligent choices in how you offer physical adjustments, and build smarter sequences for modern bodies.

The course will be completed through two intensive weekends (28 contact hours), taught IRL at Yogarise Peckham. All participants will also complete independent reading and homework assignments, which will include planning classes, listening to podcasts, and written reflection after teaching their regular yoga classes (12 non-contact hours).

All participants will be given handouts, as well as PDFs of the powerpoint presentations and lectures.



This 2 weekend workshop is open to both qualified yoga teachers and trainee teachers who have completed at least 50% of their 200 hour foundational training.


The course will take place Saturdays and Sundays 9.30 - 17.30 Sundays at Yogarise Peckham on the following dates:

10/11 September 2022

8/9 October 2022


By the end of the course you will:

Cohesively plan your teaching 6 weeks at a time, leading to a better learning experience for your students and preventing last-minute panic and burnout for yourself.

Better understand anatomy that is most relevant to yoga to improve your ability to give manual adjustments, keep your classes accessible and relevant for modern bodies, and help students prevent injury.

Offer courses (Beginners/intermediates) to your regular timetabled teaching and feel more confident working 1-2-1 with clients with particular needs, such as injuries, helping grow your teaching income.



Each session will begin with a brief overview lecture of the main themes of the day, followed by a led asana practice that illustrates the main themes (for instance, an anatomical focus, sequencing structure, or cueing techniques). We will then dive deeply into the focus of the day through a combination of lectures, small group discussion, class planning exercises, and teaching practice (both 1-2-1 and in small groups ).

Day 1

Will introduce the tools needed to begin to more effectively plan classes and teach with purpose. We will discuss some of the pitfalls and challenges yoga teachers encounter when they try to plan classes, and how to become more organised, efficient, and structured. Becky will introduce a methodology for class planning that takes away the guesswork of teaching.

Day 2

Will focus on how we adapt and develop this methodology beyond class planning on paper. Practical sessions on Day 2 will include a discussion of how to work from your class plan and adapt to different types of classes, teaching aims, and teaching contexts. We will discuss how to refine the way we give verbal cues to reflect and reinforce our class plans and chosen teaching aims, and how to teach philosophy in a way that supports our planned classes. All participants will have opportunities to practice teaching on Day 2.

All participants will be expected to complete two homework assignments before our second weekend. All participants will plan a class using the teaching methodology and structure we learned in the first weekend. All participants will also expand upon this single class plan and propose how this class would fit within a broader 4-6 week teaching plan or curriculum.

Day 3

Will focus on the anatomy of the lower body, particularly the knees, hips, and pelvis. We will start the day with a strong asana practice focusing on these areas, followed by a lecture on the anatomy of these regions. We will then discuss common injuries in these parts of the body, how we can structure our classes, and give verbal and manual cues, that reflect a better understanding of these parts of the body.

Day 4

Will focus on the anatomy of the spine and the shoulders. We will start the day with a strong asana practice focusing on these areas, followed by a lecture on the anatomy of these regions. We will then discuss common injuries in these parts of the body, and how we can structure our classes, and give verbal and manual cues. We will conclude the weekend with a discussion of how traditional yoga tenets and principles can be applied and adapted for modern practitioners, with awareness for how we can help our Western students in the 21st Century stay healthy and well.


This course qualifies as 40 hrs CPD with Yoga Alliance US

A certificate will be presented upon completion of both weekends and all assignments.

Meet the Teacher

Find out more about Senior Yoga Teacher Becky here.


All 4 days £600 (Early Bird until 1st August £550)

A course manual is included with all options.

Please email YTT@yogarise.london for more information or any questions about the course.

Payment plans available on request