Baby Stretch + Sensory

Baby Stretch + Sensory is suitable from 8 weeks – 8 months or actively moving

🚼 Baby Stretch & Sensory = Yoga & Sensory Play for babies! 

🧠 Learn how to stretch and move your baby in safe & playful ways that will support both their physical and cognitive development. 

💞 This class has been specially designed and planned to support you & your baby in the early days. 

🎵 Tried and tested moves & techniques that have been practiced for hundreds of years around the world have been added to nursery rhymes and songs to make each activity even more enjoyable & memorable to you, so you can continue to practise at home! 

🗣️ Not only that but, speaking and singing to your baby is proven to aid in language and communication skills. 

💚 This class literally makes your baby happier, healthier, more content & smarter. 


Baby Yoga stimulates your baby’s proprioceptive (movement & spacial awareness), vestibular (balance) and touch senses most as well as working on vision & auditory too. We’ll jazz up the class by spending time each week playing with different sensory toys & objects that Casey will guide you through using, giving you hours of play ideas for at home.

This isn’t an adult exercise class however we will be lifting our baby and doing things both seated and standing, if you have any concerns or queries please speak with your teacher before your class. 

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