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Community Classes

The Lowdown for 2020

Here at Yogarise, community has always been close to our hearts. That’s everything from how we want you to feel when you walk in to our studios, to how we can help to support our local communities.

We’re really happy to say that in 2020 we’re launching Community Classes in each of our studios, meaning we’ll now have 3 running every week across Peckham, Streatham and Covent Garden on Sunday afternoons.

We asked all of our teachers, members and the wider Yogarise fam who they’d like to support throughout 2020, finding charities that are local to each studio and are in need of visibility and donations. We’ve now set 12 charities, thanks to their suggestions. So every 4 months our studios will be supporting a new charity – each local to them.

The main way that we support our charities is through our £5 Community Classes. For every class at least £1 will go towards the chosen charity.

These classes are great because they are more affordable for people to come to, and they give a platform to our newer teachers – namely our Yogarise Yoga Teacher Training graduates (our Teachers on the Rise… see what we did there?) who are fully paid for teaching their classes.

For each class there are a few places that are completely free, based on a first come first serve basis. These classes will take place every Sunday afternoon across our Peckham, Covent Garden and Streatham studios.

The charities that we are supporting will be on our community page and we’ll be updating the money raised at the end of each month – as class attendance levels, and how much students choose to donate, will affect how much money is raised.