Kids Yoga is here!

We all know how wonderful yoga is for Adults. Well, yoga is SO wonderful and SO beneficial for children too. Not only does it promote mobility, body awareness and breath awareness at such a formative age, but also begins to guide children into emotional regulation, through simple mindfulness practices. Encouraging children to find those calm and centred spaces within themselves.

This interactive class for little ones begins with a warm-up game or song, moves into a story based yoga sequence, and ends with a wind-down, some breathing and thanking our bodies. The teacher uses a range of engaging mediums, like stories, songs, music, books, breathing ball, visual aids and all sorts of lovely props (think bubbles etc!)

This is a fun class where children are encouraged to play with their balance, strength and breath. Unlike many kids yoga classes, your pre-teens won’t be taken through an imaginary world of animals or fairy tales (soz!) Instead, they will play a little, warm-up and move through a sequence of movements with breath: vinyasa. Some previous students have described it as “kung fu in slow motion” or “ninja moves with breathing”. The class always ends with either a positive visualisation, savasana, or short meditation.

Some benefits of kids yoga…

– Enhances mobility, strength and coordination
– Improves concentration levels + introduces mindfulness early
– Promotes a healthy sense of body awareness
– Teaches stress and anxiety management
– It’s fun and inclusive!
We have Kids Yoga classes on Thursdays 5-5.45pm for 7-12 year olds and Fridays 4.15-4.45pm for 2-6 year olds.
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