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Mandala magic

Let’s get creative! Online Mandala yoga classes weave rhythmic breathing and fun flowing vinyasa with a twist – quite literally – you’ll also be moving 360° around your mat! Each class is based on one of the 4 elements, so you’ll be channeling your inner earth, water, fire or air each week

Support, Connect, Ground

When we connect to the earth element, we connect to the first chakra, Muladhara, at the base of the spine. It is the ground we stand on. Think forward folds, finding space in the hamstrings and the back of the body. 

Flow, Create, Feel

When we connect to the element of water, we move to the second chakra, Swadisthana, located at the sacrum. This element and chakra is all about going with the flow, connecting to our emotions and feelings. In practice, think moving through asanas including goddess, skandasana and malasana. 

Courage, Illumination, Determination

When we connect to the element of fire, we move up to the third chakra, Manipura, located at the solar plexus. The energetic job of this chakra is to help us step into our personal power. In practice we will move through sequences of twisting asanas and find space through the sides of the body. 

Love, Acceptance, Gratitude

When we work with the element of Air in our practice we move to the fourth chakra, Anahata, located at the heart. Energetically this chakra connects our inner and outer worlds and helps us cultivate qualities of love, compassion, joy and forgiveness. In practice we will explore backbends and creating space through the front of the body. 


Try it out for yourself!

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