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Mindfulness Classes in Peckham

We are excited to be bringing a new offering to our Yogarise community – Community Mindfulness Classes in Peckham.  We caught up with mindfulness teacher Deepti Sastry to learn all about her and this practice.  Next mindfulness class with Deepti is Friday 3rd January 7:45-8:45pm.

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Tell us about you?

My name is Deepti. I am a passionate yoga, chanting, and mindfulness practitioner. I
also run my own consulting business where I design and measure the effectiveness
of international conflict and peacebuilding programmes. As a full time yoga teacher,
(a long time ago, now!) and now teaching part-time, it took me a while to really bring
to life the insights from my practice into my teaching. With this more meaningful
integration of personal practice and teaching, I find real meaning and value in
teaching how to slow down, listen, and reflect using yoga and mindfulness tools. My
own practice and teaching is simple and pared down.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being in a state of peace and joy. Mindfulness practices help us
cultivate a state of peace, joy, and equanimity. As life demands more of our
attention, especially with competing demands, mindfulness offers a means to be
more present and alive to every moment. By being more present and alive, we offer
ourselves the gift of focus, patience, gratitude and joy. The practice of mindfulness
truly is a gift that we can give ourselves.


How do you teach mindfulness in your class?

I teach mindfulness with simple language, to be inclusive and practical. My classes
are fun (who would have thought?!) and accessible, with the real hope that
participants can take the practice with them into their own homes and daily lives. I
truly hope to bring empathy and gratitude in the way that I offer mindfulness so that
we approach the practice and, by extension our lives, with more forgiveness and
gratitude towards ourselves and others.


What are you best tips for bringing mindfulness into your daily life?

Start simple. You may have the desire to formally practice for thirty minutes a day
but struggle to make that commitment as you start your mindfulness journey. Commit
to five minutes a day – wake up, sit down, and practice. You will find that there is
often a natural progression in your practice (both quality and quantity of time spent in
practice) if you are consistent. If you miss a day, be grateful for yourself and your
commitment to the practice when you next sit down to meditate. We are already hard
enough on ourselves and this practice should not become another ‘rod for our


Want FREE mindfulness, we also offer Community Mindfulness Classes, every Thursday lunchtime 1.30-2pm with Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist in training and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy teacher, Alice Pritchard. The class is available and open to all in-person and online.