Teacher Training

Yogarise is delighted to welcome Reiki Master Anja David to our Peckham studio for a Level 1 Reiki Course.

Have you ever experienced the profound effects of Reiki yourself and wish to know more? Are you considering offering Reiki alongside your other therapies or yoga teaching? This comprehensive 2 day course will give you a new healing technique in the palm of your hands. You will learn how to give Reiki to yourself, and to others. You’ll be amazed to discover its many benefits as you learn to feel the energy and trust your intuition in this ancient healing art. Reiki 1 is all about deepening our connection to our inner self and will awaken our innate healing abilities. Places are limited, as Anja only offers her courses to small groups so that she can give you a personal experience and spend time with each participant.

Teacher Training


Reiki is a wonderful, relaxing, and non-invasive healing modality. It has a re-energising, balancing effect, perfect for our self-healing journey. The ability to channel Reiki energy is passed from Teacher to Student through a series of sacred attunements opening the crown, heart & palm chakras to Universal energy. Once you have received this attunement, you will have the ability to connect to Reiki throughout your life.

During this 2 day training, you will learn the hand positions and grounding techniques that will enable you to give yourself and your loved ones a full Reiki Treatment. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills and share your experiences with others on the course. It will be a small group of like-minded individuals, providing you a secure, safe space to learn & ask questions.

Teacher Training


This Level 1 Reiki course is open to anyone with an interest in Reiki, whether to work on themselves, family, and friends or to offer it as a complimentary therapy alongside other bodywork.

This course is perfectly tailored for beginners – whether you’ve never had a Reiki session before or perhaps you have had many and read all the books – this is the beginners level course & it is designed to meet you where you are on your reiki journey.


The course will take place on Saturday 8 October and Sunday 9 October from 10.00 – 17.00 at Yogarise Peckham

Teacher Training


Each day will begin with a meditation, followed by theory & plenty of hands-on practice.

During the 2 days the following modules will be covered:

– What is Energy?

– The Chakra System

– What is Reiki?

– The History of Reiki

– Your Reiki Lineage

– The 5 Reiki Principals

– What is a Reiki Attunement?

– Preparing to Use Reiki, clearing, meditation & grounding

– Giving Yourself Reiki (Self-Treatment)

– Treating Others – A Full Reiki Session

– Giving Reiki to Plants & Animals


Before the course, you will receive lots of information about how you can prepare yourself & you’ll be given a consciously curated reading list too

After the course

When we train in the art of Reiki with others a connection is naturally formed within the group, as we receive the attunements in a collective energetic space. The old Reiki tradition is that all students gather for Reiki shares and to receive Reju blessings (a further form of attunement) from their Reiki Master. Following the course, you will receive:

– 20% off a 1:2:1 Reiki session with Anja (in person or via zoom)

– 6 Months free Calm Space membership, join our supportive community of Reiki practitioners who are sharing their journey together.

– Invitation to attend our private monthly online Reiki share, a call providing mentorship and connection.

You will receive

– A Comprehensive Reiki 1 Manual

– A professionally recognised Certificate

– 4 In-person attunements spread over the 2 days

– The ability to go home and start sharing this amazing energy with your loved ones, yourself, and any lucky pets!

– An ongoing deeper connection to self that is felt uniquely by each individual

– A new way to self-heal, for life

Teacher Training

Meet the Teacher

Find out more about Reiki Master/Teacher & Holistic Practitioner Anja David here.


“I did my Reiki 1 practitioners course with Anja last month, she is a wonderful teacher and holds a magical space for her students. I have left feeling confident that I can share what I have learnt and am really looking forward to coming back for Reiki 2”, Helen M

“Anja is a wonderful teacher, with a beautiful presence, and most importantly she is a powerful Reiki master who has a wonderful lightness and joy about her. Thank you Anja, for guiding me through the 2 day Reiki 1 course!” Clea MV


£350 Full price/ £315 Early bird ( limited number of Early Bird places)

Book Reiki 1 & 2 together ** £650 – save £120

A course manual is included with all options.

Please email YTT@yogarise.london for more information or any questions about the course.

Payment plans available on request



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