Best Beginners Yoga Classes | Yogarise Peckham + Streatham

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We know that starting yoga can be scary – we’ve been there too. There’s all the unfamiliar words, strange ways to move and everyone around seems to be able to touch their toes! That’s why we run Beginners Yoga classes. They offer a safe space for you to start your yoga journey and are led by experienced and friendly teachers.

You’ll start with the basic postures (where does my foot go again?) and simple breathing techniques so you can build confidence and reap the benefits yoga has to offer. We hope that after a couple of session, you’ll feel more prepared to try other yoga classes too!

Taz Aliabadi-Oglesby, one of our incredible Beginners Yoga teachers shares with us some top tips for first-timers:

– There’s no wrong or right way to practice; you can’t be “bad” at yoga

– Yoga really is for everyone, regardless of body, size, shape or ability

– You don’t have to be flexible in your body (phew!) but being flexible in your mind and open to new things helps

– It will be frustrating and confusing at times – that just comes with the territory of learning any ‘New Thing’. Ask yourself, as an adult how often do I let myself be completely new at something?

– The most advanced practice is the one that is respectful to your physical body and your state of mind in the moment. Be kind to yourself. Honour the body’s inner wisdom

– Your breath is the cornerstone for the practice. If you find yourself in a pose where you can’t keep your breath, ease out of it

– There is no hierarchy – no one variation of a pose or movement is “better” or “worse” than any other 

– Become best mates with your props! You don’t need to have fancy blocks or straps at home, grab some books and a dressing gown belt and you’re good to go

We offer in-person Beginners Yoga Classes with Becky Farbstein on Saturdays in Peckham and with Jill Martin in Streatham. Check the timetable here!