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The best pilates in London

Fancy developing your core strength, fitness and flexibility? Pilates may be the class for you and we think we’ve got some of the best pilates in London! It’s fun + challenging, but open to all levels and abilities – what’s not to love?

What to expect?

The movements in Pilates are slow and precise, targeting deep postural muscles of the body using set exercises and breathing techniques. Pilates is thought to be extremely beneficial in preventing injury, relieving back-pain, and for all those wanting to maintain a strong and balanced body – yay!

Although pilates emphasises precise movement, at Yogarise of course it’s all about having fun while you’re working out. Dynamic Pilates is often taught to music and is more of an upbeat and less ‘classical’ discipline.

We think Pilates is a brilliant and we know you’ll love it too… so why not give it a go?

See Peckham Schedule

We have Annie Nicoll and on our roster in Peckham and Caitlyn Scott in Streatham.

See Streatham Schedule

We also have Pilates classes On Demand online with the talented Lizzy Chong.

On Demand comes as standard for all those on a Pre-Pay Online or Studio package – unlimited monthly, 6 month or 12 month.