Sarah Bladen

Reflexology / Indian Head Massage / Indian Head Massage & Reflexology / Reflexology / Indian Head Massage / Intuitive Energy Healing / Tantric Energetic Bodywork

Sarah Bladen has been honing her passion for health and happiness since 2012 and learnt many of her holistic skills in South India but now practises in South London.

Sarah is a qualified Reflexologist (recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists) and believes that the feet are a mirror to what’s really happening in the body. As an intuitive energy healer, she enjoys alleviating everything from fertility issues to depression.

Sarah is also a yoga and meditation teacher and applies these principles to her everyday life. She continues to train with London’s leading Zen Master, Daizan Roshi at Zenways, where she gained a qualification in Mindfulness coaching.

Sarah also spent a couple of years training with an enlightened Himalayan Yoga Master where she learnt how to be a conduit for energy healing. She also discovered the beauty of heart-opening tantra – samaya tantra, inspiring her to offer a profound healing treatment known as Tantric Energy Bodywork, supporting the person to experience waves of blissful energy moving throughout the body.

Sarah enjoys working with clients so they can channel emotional, physical or existential pain into joy and transforming grief/loss into positivity and purpose. Combining her treatments to suit the individual, Sarah aims to leave each person feeling more empowered, energised and elevated.

Sarah's times and prices:

Indian Head Massage – 45 mins £40

Indian Head Massage & Reflexology – 60 mins £50

Reflexology (60 mins) – £50

Mindfulness Coaching – £60

Intuitive Energy Healing – £60

Tantric Energetic Bodywork – 90 mins £150

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