Understanding Your Body with Mollie

Relieve pain, fix your injuries + build anatomy confidence.
2.5hrs per month – Sept ’22 – Feb ’23.

Join Senior Yoga Teacher of over 20 years, Mollie McClelland Morris, for this series of Live Online workshops to help you understand your body better.

Do you have a persistent niggle or feel like you are always ‘working with something’ when you come to class? Or are you a teacher finding an increasing number of students with injuries? These workshops are for you ALL!

You can register for individual workshops for £25, pic n mix 3 x workshops for £65 or book the whole set for £120 + receive a free Franklin ball.

Part One: Free + Fluid Hips

Understand the hip joint better to reduce pain, create more stability and balance.

People talk about ‘open hips’, but what does that even mean? And how can we improve our practice around this?

Part Two: Back To Health

Back pain is in epidemic, so if you’ve been struggling, you’re not alone.

Learn strategies for strengthening, mobilising and supporting the body to move intelligently and freely for both instant and long-term relief.

Part Three: Happy Hamstrings

Tight hamstrings prevent some people from even trying yoga.

Explore whether we should be constantly lengthening our ‘hammies’, how to strengthen them and ease strain.

Part Four: Back Bends

Some of us fear backbends, because we fear (or have) back pain.

In this workshop we won’t go ‘deeper’ through straining the joints. We will look the expansive quality of the poses to see how far the body wants to go.

Part Five: Inversions

Build strength, stamina and balance to work those upside-down postures.

This workshop is part biomechanics, part conditioning, part movement play and part yoga, integrated with a thread of embodiment.

Part Six: Foundations – Feet, Ankles + Knees

Often neglected, we will learn ways to warm up the feet, to support the knees, and work on balancing postures.

You will leave the workshop with a toolkit for your knees and feet for long term stability and health.

Whether a yoga or movement practice teacher or a practitioner who wants to understand their body better, this workshop series is for you. It will enable you to enjoy and find freedom on your mat through learning about your body’s individual needs. It will provide tips to ensure a safe practice, and will help teachers to better understand some of the injuries students present within class. Got questions? Get in touch hello@yogarise.london


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