4 Week Yoga Inversions Course with Ashley Ahrens | Yogarise

Wed 07 February 2024 / 18:15 - 19:30 / Yogarise Peckham

4 Week Yoga Inversions Course with Ashley Ahrens

£70 for 4 x sessions

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Want stronger yoga inversions?  Have you ever been in class where others are practicing inversions and you wanted to try but weren’t sure how? Join us for a 4 week course with Ashley Ahrens  to learn how to confidently practice upside down.

We can move quickly through postures in class and when it comes to inversions, you do need to know how to set them up properly before trying to go upside down – sometimes it feels like you don’t really get a proper chance before you move onto the next pose!

Ashley will help you to fully understand how to set up the foundations of your inversions for safe practice, how to build strength to get up and what you need to work on to stay up with more ease. Over the course of 4 weeks we will break down inversions to give you all the tools you need to confidently bring these postures into your regular classes:

Yoga Inversions Course Breakdown:
Week 1 (Feb 7th) – headstand & variations, including tripod – how to get into the postures and where you’ll encounter these most of the time in your class, how to modify and try some transitions and variations
Week 2 (Feb 14th) – forearm stand – straight line pincha – anatomy and drills
Week 3 (Feb 21st) – handstand – straight line, anatomy and drills
Week 4 (Feb 28th) – modified variations of forearm and handstand – we’ll bring everything we’ve learned over the last 3 weeks into our final class and try all the tricky variations – funky, backbends and more!

Ashley has been practicing yoga for 13 years and teaching for over a decade. She teaches Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, Sattva, Hatha & Yin. Before yoga she was a science nerd (still is!!) and worked and studied in genetics & cancer, and has an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. She knows how hard inversions are to start with and has gone through the journey of really struggling with downward dog/chaturangas to (over time and loads of committed practice) developing a strong and controlled upside down practice.

This course is for anyone interested in learning how to invert but we suggest having a minimum of 6 months regular practice.  Not for absolute beginners.