4 Weeks of Pilates Rehabilitation with Annie Nicoll Baines | Yogarise

Wed 17 April 2024 / 18:30 - 19:30 / Yogarise Peckham + Online

4 Weeks of Pilates Rehabilitation with Annie Nicoll Baines

£70 for 4 sessions In Studio, £55 for 4 sessions online

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Join Annie Nicoll Baines for 4 weeks of pilates rehabilitation at Yogarise Peckham.  Do you find you have an achy back? Sore wrists? Do you wish you could live life pain free? Annie is here to help nourish and restore your body back to its best health.

This 4-week deep dive into pilates rehabilitation is just for you. Sometimes people see the word rehab and they think ‘easy’ or ‘gentle’. Annie will still be here to challenge you and take care of your aches and pains. The class is in-person at Yogarise Peckham, and will also be streamed live at Yogarise Online.

Please click here to book the online course (£55 for 4 weeks). Spend your Wednesday evenings with Annie learning how to rehabilitate the body. Save your spine, knees, ankles and hips during these sessions.

Annie will help deepen your understanding of Pilates and how to ease tension and pain in the body. Learn the tools to help fix desk stress and modern living pain.

Expect to feel energised and nourished after all of these sessions.

April 17th – Week 1: Spinal health, lots of twists, and deep core work.
April 24th – Week 2: Wrists & Shoulders, expect more of an upper body focus this week but touching on the abs/ glutes too
May 1st – Week 3: Lower body burns, lots of bum exercises to help stabilise the pelvis and lower back.
May 8th – Week 4: RECAP and refresh and learn a fun combo.

Annie is a firm lover of Pilates & Yoga and the incredible benefits they both have on the body and the mind. She loves challenging her students and allowing them to find their inner strength as well as control and fluidity in the studio. Annie absolutely loves being able to share her passion for both of these practices and allowing people to leave feeling strong, energised and unstoppable.

Pilates can be fun as well as functional. So excited to see you there!

Want to practise online? Let us know. It’s £55 for the 4 week course. Please get in touch with daria@yogarise.london to enquire. Sign up to 4 weeks of pilates rehabilitation online here.