Community Breathwork with Tom Barrett | Yogarise

Wed 21 February 2024 / 20:00 - 20:45 / Yogarise Peckham

Community Breathwork with Tom Barrett

£5 for 45 minutes

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A breathwork experience led by breath coach, Tom.  Come and experience the transformational power of Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Breathwork is an active meditation practice with its roots in ancient yogic breathing practices (Pranayama).  Through a combination of continuous, circular breathing, breath retentions and vocal toning, we are able to bypass the thinking mind and access deeper and more subtle layers of the subconscious…here is where the magic happens.

Through these practices we cultivate much deeper emotional, physical and spiritual awareness.  We are able to connect to parts of ourselves long shut away and forgotten. The practice facilitates a loosening of the psycho-physical grip on the causes of a stressful and restless mind.  Breathwork journeys create the conditions for altered states of consciousness, a deeper interoceptive awareness of your own physicality, deep states of relaxation, emotional release and insight.

These techniques have been an integral part of Tom’s own transformational process and he believes that along with traditional pranayama and Yoga asana practice, they can help form the foundation of a free mind and healthy body.