Sun 04 September 2022 / 10:00 - 12:30 / Yogarise Online

Embodied Anatomy Lab | Part One: Free + Fluid Hips with Mollie McClelland Morris

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Mollie McClelland Morris presents Embodied Anatomy Lab, a series of online yoga anatomy workshops for Yogarise, exploringEveryday Anatomy. Whether you’re a teacher or practitioner, this is for anyone looking to delve a little deeper and understand more about movement and the way our bodies work. Part One on Sunday 4 September will focus on the hips and ‘hip opening’.

A testimonial: “I was really losing my confidence in my teaching because I didn’t understand anatomy or how to explain it. I feel so much more confident in my ability to share, especially online, and it has made me feel so much better in my teaching.”

A bit about the Embodied Anatomy Lab…

Have you ever been instructed to “tuck your tailbone” or “open your hips”? And is that even something we should strive for? Do our hamstrings even need to be “stretched”? Should our core be constantly “engaged”? This brand new and exciting series of workshops with Mollie will explore, challenge and help us demystify some of these common cues and question what is really going on inside.

Perhaps you have a persistent niggle or feel like you are always ‘working with something’ when you come to the mat?

Teachers! Are you finding an increasing number of students coming to class with injuries?

This series of virtual workshops with Mollie will answer these questions and more! Whether a yoga or movement practice teacher or a  practitioner who wants to understand their body better, this series is for you. It will enable you to enjoy and find freedom on your mat through learning about your body’s individual needs. It will provide tips to ensure a safe practice, and will help teachers to better understand some of the injuries students present within class.

Part One of Mollie’s Embodied Anatomy Lab will focus on the hips…

If you have ever wondered what hip opening is all about, how we can open our hips and what it should feel like, this workshop is for YOU! The words ‘hip opening’ are associated with poses like pigeon and lotus, as well as wide leg poses standing or sitting. What is the best way to improve these poses in a balanced and healthy way?

The hips are rounded, multi-dimensional structures and challenges to movement around the hip are multi-factorial – involving bone, muscle, fascia, ligament, emotion, trauma, embodiment, sensuality and more. A single pose will never serve as a ‘hip opener’!

In this workshop we will work with this reframing… How would you like your hips to feel in yoga? Mollie says that her personal movement goal is “to feel mobile, fluid, dynamic, and strong.” So those are the qualities she likes to work with and cultivate in the hips.

We will explore the movements and imagery we can use to create mobility, flexibility and balanced strength around the pelvis and hip joints. We will play with when stretching might help, and when we might need to tone up the muscles around the hip joint.

At the end of the workshop, you will understand the hip joint better, to reduce pain and create more stability and balance. You will have new imagery for working with your hips and your pelvis in your practice, and strategies for how you can improve how your pelvis feels in walking and everyday movement.

All are welcome. Yoga students will get more strategies to work with their hips, and relieve hip pain. Yoga teachers will understand more about how to help their clients with hip pain, and relieve the pressures that yoga teaching can create on the body.

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