Sun 05 June 2022 / 10:00 - 12:30 / Yogarise Online

Everyday Anatomy | Part Six: feet, ankles + knees with Mollie McClelland Morris

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Building your foundation: Your feet, ankles and knees

Mollie McClelland Morris presents a series of online yoga anatomy workshops for Yogarise, exploring Everyday Anatomy. Whether you’re a teacher or practitioner, this is for anyone looking to delve a little deeper and understand more about movement and the way our bodies work. Part Six on Sunday 12 June focuses on building foundations – your feet, ankles & knees. Workshops can be pick n mixed, bought individually, or as a full 6 part series.

A bit about the Everyday Anatomy Series…

Have you ever been instructed to “tuck your tailbone” or “open your hips”? And is that even something we should strive for? Do our hamstrings even need to be “stretched”? Should our core be constantly “engaged”? This brand new and exciting series of workshops with Mollie will explore, challenge and help us demystify some of these common cues and question what is really going on inside. Perhaps you have a persistent niggle or feel like you are always ‘working with something’ when you come to the mat?

Teachers! Are you finding an increasing number of students coming to class with injuries? This series of virtual workshops with Mollie will answer these questions and more! Whether a yoga or movement practice teacher or a  practitioner who wants to understand their body better, this series is for you. It will enable you to enjoy and find freedom on your mat through learning about your body’s individual needs. It will provide tips to ensure a safe practice, and will help teachers to better understand some of the injuries students present within class.



Part Six of Mollie’s Everyday Anatomy Series will focus on building your foundation – feet, ankles and knees!

Every time we take a step, our feet and knees deal with and transfer the forces through our bodies. And despite many people struggling with foot, ankle or knee pain, they are often neglected in yoga practice.

In this workshop we will learn ways to warm up the feet so that they are tactile and responsive to the ground. We will learn ways that the ankle joint can affect hip and knee position and range of movement. And we will find ways to support and balance the knees to prevent damage or pain. 

With work on balance poses like Tree and Half moon and poses requiring knee and ankle flexion, like utkatasana, squats and warrior poses. 

While we all might want to be swept off our feet, this workshop will create a new sense of connection to the ground and balance over your feet. You will leave the workshop with a toolkit for your knees and feet for long term stability and health.


Yogarise Online (this is a Zoom workshop, it is Online Online, not livestreamed from the studio).

1 x workshop £25
3 x workshops £65
6 x workshops £120 – this option includes a 20% discount on the drop-in rate and Mollie will send you a complimentary Franklin ball.

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