Sat 29 June 2019 / 11:00 - 13:30 / Yogarise Peckham Studio 2

Finding Flow: Yoga and Calligraphy with Jonelle Lewis

£35 for 2.5 hours

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Join Yogarise’s Jonelle Lewis and modern calligrapher Kirstie Bird for an afternoon of creative flow on and off the mat.


Jonelle will guide you through an hour-long mandala flow working with the elements of water before joining Kirstie for a mindful 90 minutes learning to write your own personal mantra using the beautiful art form of modern calligraphy.


Please note this workshop is suitable for calligraphy beginners and all calligraphy materials used are for you to keep.


‘Be brave, be fierce, be free’ is Jonelle’s personal mantra and an invitation she extends to everyone who practices with her. An American living in London, Jonelle dabbled with Ashtanga in 2004 when she was pregnant with her daughter Francesca. After a long break from yoga, in 2011 she began practising with a purpose. While going through a difficult divorce she found her yoga practice really helped her get her life back. It was liberating, invigorating and healing. In March 2014 she left London behind and went to India to train as a yoga teacher. She trained with The Yoga People run by Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke for her 200-hour foundation course. She’s completed over 800 hours of training and is certified in Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot, Mandala, Qi Gong, Rocket, Vinyasa & Yin yoga. Her classes are set to an urban soundtrack which is reflective of her roots and her passion for music, creativity and fluidity in life. From growing up in Philadelphia and living in DC and NYC she brings an international vibration and authenticity into classes which are edgy and filled with a lot of laughter. She enjoys teaching all age groups and firmly believes ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’.

Finding Flow: Yoga and Calligraphy with Jonelle Lewis

Finding Flow: Yoga and Calligraphy with Jonelle Lewis