Sat 04 April 2020 / 12:30 - 14:30 / Yogarise Covent Garden

Mandala Masterclass: Fire with Rebecca Bradley

£25 for per workshop

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The second of 4 x 2 hour Mandala Masterclasses over 4 weekends

Fire – April 4th

Exploring twists and side body openers as we build heat and fire in the body connecting to Manipura Chakra at the solar plexus.


The series:

During these 4 masterclasses we will explore the 4 elements, air, fire, water, & earth, moving in full circles around the mat creating balance and harmony in the body mind and soul. Mandala Vinyasa is a playful and dynamic style of Vinyasa Yoga with lots of options and variations giving you the freedom to take your practice to where you need it to go. We flow rhythmically with the breath through strong poses and inversions working with specific target areas of the body depending on what element it is, whilst stimulating the corresponding chakra.We will begin the practice with softer Yin style poses to open up the target area in the body, then warm up and build energy as we move through the Mandala Vinyasa sequences, closing and cooling down with Yin poses leaving you feeling balanced physically, energetically and mentally.These workshops are for all levels with lots of options and variations throughout but are not recommended for complete beginners.


Air – 21st March (taken place)

Water – April 18th

Flowing through hip and groin openers to target Svastistana Chaka 2nd Chakra at the sacrum.

Earth – May 2nd

A grounding flow opening and strengthening up the back body making those inversions slightly more accessible. We connect to Muladara Chakra, the root, at the base of the pelvis.