Sun 24 May 2020 / 17:00 - 19:00 / Yogarise Online

* ON DEMAND * The Nervous System in Movement and Stillness with Julie Martin

£20 for 2 hours

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I begin almost every class saying that this is the beginning of a conversation with our nervous system. The first breath. It invites us into a moment to pause and experience. My understanding of how it works and how we are constantly “talking” to it and it to us has been a huge motivator in my teaching.


This online live workshop will combine information around the nervous system and our movement and stillness practices. The nervous system is affected by the breath, by movement, by stress and also by environment. When we have deep insight to moments of being in Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight and flight) or in Parasympathetic (Rest, Digest and Heal) we can begin to regulate our response to it. It’s not all about relaxing and finding ease though (although we need good doses of that!) But also the nervous system needs certain kinds of regulated stress in order to keep the whole organism ready for whatever may be coming next.


During these times of uncertainty we’re all probably feeling our nervous systems are a bit out of control and this workshop, which will also involve an embodied movement and breath practice, will hopefully give you a better idea of how to find a better balance to come to a healthy equilibrium.


Please note: This is now a recorded video only. The video is available to purchase by clicking the book button