Sun 15 March 2020 / 15:30 - 18:00 / Yogarise Streatham

The Art of Letting Go – A Yin Workshop with Austin Ince

£30 for 2.5 hours

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If you aren’t practicing yin you’re missing half of your yoga practice! We are always busy doing. This yang activity causes us to create and retain stress. In order to release this stress we need to balance our yang with our yin, our action with inaction. Learning to undo is “The Art of Letting Go.”
With selected verses from the Tao Te Ching and a blissful soundtrack, you’ll be guided through a languid practice of postures seated and lying down. We spend longer in the postures, between three to five minutes, using the body and the breath as a focus for the mind to investigate. The Art of Letting Go is the gateway to our meditation practice. This workshop will fly past and you’ll leave feeling lighter, freer and calmer.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts under foot.” – Lao Tzu