Sat 04 January 2020 / 13:00 - 17:00 / Yogarise Streatham

The Power of Prana yoga workshop London with Julie Martin

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During two afternoon sessions (Sat 4 Jan-Sun 5 Jan) Julie will explore the power of prana – the movement of energy through our nervous system response to our fascial network.


“The Hatha Yogin’s primary objective is to intercept the oscillating current of the life- force within his own body”

– George Feuerstein from the Encylopedia of Hatha and Tantra. Prana, often translated as “Life Force”, is the energy that moves through the body in channels called nadis of which there is purported to be between 72,000 and 350,000. In Hatha Yoga the movement of prana is to be directed toward the Sushumna Nadi (Central) to awaken the Kundalini-shakti.


Since my study of fascia began over 6 years ago I started to notice that when we remove resistance in the body through the fascial network we automatically release the movement of energy. Where fascia is stuck, energy gets stuck. But with the breath and working in the poses with this awareness we find ease within movement and even strength.


The idea that asana’s are designed to sit in meditation is only based on the Raja Yoga method. If sitting in meditation is your main practice then some simple asana’s designed to be comfortable is all you need. But via our Tantric base Hatha practices we can learn to cultivate the power of the energy we have within.


Learning how to release it moving through the body is just the beginning. The upward movement through the spine activates the pineal and pituitary glands not only signalling the balance of hormones but expanding the power of the mind. The most recent research in trauma and movement therapy is discovering the same thing. We can change our perception and state of being when use the movement of energy.


What to expect in this workshop

During these two afternoons we’ll examine the nervous system and the response in the fascial network. Working with the asanas and the breath the goal is to discover where we are blocking our energy, physically and mentally.

This will involve freeing up the structures of the body in the joints, connective tissue, particularly the spine and focus on the breath moving through the body. I’ll also touch on the limbic system in the brain to help you understand how we get our energy stuck in our mind, thought patterns and responses, which is always affecting our body.

Our aim is to arrive in a state of being in movement or stillness that is full of life, prana and possibility.