Sat 30 January 2021 / 14:00 - 16:00 / Yogarise Online

Understanding your Shoulders with Elodie Frati

£20 for 2 hours

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Join Elodie for a shoulder focused workshop designed to empower you with knowledge! As you may have noticed, we spend a considerable amount of time on our hands in dynamic practices, yet the shoulder is not inherently designed to be a weight bearing joint and therefore often gets compromised.
We all want longevity for our practice so in this workshop, you will develop your understanding of the architecture and mechanics of the shoulder as well as discover tools to free up, but most importantly stabilise your shoulders for a safe and well informed practice. This will help you stay injury free, but also build up strength for inversions. Let the fun begin!
You will need a couple of tennis balls for this workshop.
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