Yin, Poetry + Gong Immersion with Andy + Amanda | Yogarise

Sat 18 November 2023 / 18:00 - 20:00 / Yogarise Peckham

Yin, Poetry + Gong Immersion with Andy + Amanda

£30 for 2hr workshop

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Amanda and Andy are back with their beautiful Yin, Poetry + Gong immersion.

Winter is the time of year for hibernation and rest. The “doing” is the “not doing.” It’s the time of year to be still and quiet allowing ourselves to compost our old ideas and use the energy to give birth to new ideas and visions.

Join Andy & Amanda in this soothing and healing experience that will bring you rest & joy, provide you with the space to reconnect with yourself in a deep embrace of curiosity and compassion and leave you feeling profoundly revitalised.

Yin is a mindful and passive practice that allows the muscles of the body and mind to relax and create space in the joints and connective tissues, allowing you to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally. Andy’s soothing voice and spoken word will heighten your senses and will anchor you to the practice.

Afterwards, you will be invited to settle into a supported savasana to experience a blissful sound bath led by the wonderful Amanda.

A sensory sound experience where the gongs and other instruments are played in a therapeutic way to bring healing and relaxation.

Gong bath means being bathed in sound waves. When gongs are played the sound vibrations immediately quiet the mind, allowing relaxation in the whole body to take place. Its profound effects last much longer than the event itself.