Yoga Masterclass: Mandala Flow – Moving through the Elements with Rebecca Bradley | Yogarise

Sun 28 April 2024 / 13:30 - 15:30 / Yogarise Peckham + Online

Yoga Masterclass: Mandala Flow – Moving through the Elements with Rebecca Bradley

£20 for 2 hours or free to prepay customers

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Yoga Masterclass: move through the elements with a 2 hour mandala flow class. Join Rebecca as she guides you through 4 different elements: Earth, Water, Fire & Air. The session will start with Yin yoga, opening up the subtle body, then building the energy up to a strong but steady Mandala Vinyasa flow exploring these 4 elements through asana. The workshop will finish with some nourishing and relaxing yin/restorative poses leaving you feeling balanced physically, mentally and energetically.

The class is in-person at Yogarise Peckham , and will also be streamed live at Yogarise Online. Please click here to book the online course (£10 or free for prepay customers).

Mandala Vinyasa is a style of Vinyasa yoga created by Dulce Aguilar. Dulce has taken her inspiration from a variety of different teachers as well as her roots in Shamanism to create this beautiful practice where we explore 360 degrees of circular movement. The Mandala Vinyasa flows from one pose to the next with the breath whilst focusing on particular elements and their corresponding chakras which all have a specific area of the body to focus on, for example twisting, back bending, hip openers etc.

Rebecca did her 100hr Mandala training with Dulce back in March 2018 and has been teaching the practice regularly ever since. In the Mandala Vinyasa there are pauses in the flow to take what you need in that very moment, whether that is rest, movement, strengthening or playing with a specific pose, you have the opportunity to listen to your body, adjusting the practice to your needs and for that reason, this style of yoga becomes very freeing and liberating practice.

Want to practise online? Let us know. It’s £10 or free for prepay customers. Please get in touch with to enquire. Sign up to the Yoga Masterclass with Rebecca Bradley here.

The Yogarise Masterclass Series is new for 2023 and is part of our ‘Pre-Pay Perks‘ for customers on our Monthly, 6-Month and 12-Month Pre-Pay packages.