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Yoga in Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is steeped in history. It is one of the highest places in London which is why it was chosen as a site for a palace, as it has some of the best views over London. Originally constructed in Hyde Park, Prince Albert wanted to show off what Britain could create in terms of industrial achievements, so wanted to create a structure made of iron and glass. Once the exhibition closed the whole structure was packed up and re-built on Sydenham Hill. This became the site of a one-off Olympic Games, and tourists flocked to the area which helped to develop the local village.
In 1936 the Palace set alight. The fire was uncontrollable and the whole structure, sadly, was reduced to twisted iron and ash. To this day you can see where the structure originally stood. No one was reported hurt during the fire, and there is no agreed information as to what started the fire – some think it was an unfinished cigarette.

Now Crystal Palace is known for its football club situated in nearby Selhurst Park, and the Park that houses the Dinosaurs which also originally housed the Palace itself. The Dinosaurs have been recently renovated, recognised as a key tourist attraction for the Park. There is also a great sports centre in the grounds, including sand volleyball courts and an outdoor remote control car circuit.

The village itself is situated in a triangle, with the houses boasting fantastic views over London. There are many independent shops and restaurants, including a spectacular pet shop, garden centre named the Secret Garden, and all varieties of cuisine. Every Saturday there is a farmers market.

Yoga in Crystal Palace

With Streatham a short distance away from Crystal Palace Yogarise Streatham would be a great place to visit. Yogarise opened its doors in Streatham in January 2019 offering classes here throughout the week. Whether you’re after something to soothe your soul, or get your heart pumping, our friendly neighbourhood yoga classes accommodate all levels and abilities, plus there are two donation-based community yoga classes taught each week too. Some of our most popular classes are Rocket Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

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