Adrianna Zaccardi

Restorative Yoga

Adrianna’s teaching style is an expression of her spirit and invites you to connect with yours each time you come to your practice. Her highest commitment is to create a space for you to cultivate deep knowingness by listening to the wisdom and intelligence of your body, and trusting what you discover.

Rooted in clear alignment, both Adrianna’s flow and restorative yoga classes are mindful, playful, and sincerely encourage your natural yearning for curiosity, exploration, and for self-reflection, while recognising and facilitating your desire for connection within your body. Through your practice you can return to a place of understanding and acceptance where your whole world begins to open, and your ability to see yourself clearly transforms the way you see everything else.

Adrianna teaches:

> Yogarise Peckham
20.00 Weds Restorative Yoga