Adrianna Zaccardi

Restorative / Flow + Restore

Adrianna’s classes are grounded, spacious and designed to guide you from a state of “doing” towards a state of “being” – with yourself, and whatever is present for you on any given day.

This is informed by her belief that it is ultimately your own experience that acts as your greatest authority in this life. Be it through Restorative Yoga, Movement, Mentorship, or Reiki

Her intention is to facilitate the journey back to the True Self – to guide you to feel and remember all that you are.

She will be there to support and guide you to a place of understanding and acceptance, where you can see yourself clearly and therefore transform the way you perceive the world.


Visit Adrianna’s website here.

Adrianna teaches:


Wednesday 20.00 Restorative Yoga Open

Sunday 17.00 Flow + Restore Open