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Almaz Gaere

Beginners Yoga

With her background in high jump, long jump and triple jump, Almaz is no stranger to spending time in leggings and strange positions. She attended her first yoga class in 2010, ordered to the mat by her coach to improve her flexibility and remembers struggling through the sun salutations, wondering when they would ever end. Now a well-practised yogi and trained dynamic vinyasa teacher, Almaz enjoys the sun salutations more than any other flow in yoga, for the dharana (concentration) that the repetitive movement allows to take place.

Almaz’s classes are strong and grounding, with recognisable Ashtanga influences, including the tristana method of using Ujjayi breath, Bandhas and Dristi to focus the mind. Besides a deep appreciation for the strength and flexibility yoga gives her, Almaz most of all loves the opportunity for self-discovery, acceptance and healing that long-term practice brings. She completed the Yogarise teacher training in 2018 with senior teacher Erin Prichard and left with a solid grounding in (and love for) yoga philosophy, Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. In Almaz’s classes students are encouraged to bring a ‘Yin’ mindset to a more dynamic practice.

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