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Amandine Babin

Dynamic Flow

Yoga became part of Amandine’s everyday life when she discovered it in 2014.

Shortly after, she completed a 200hr Yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Flow with YogaLondon. Eager to share this practice with others she began teaching immediately and has never looked back. She began to deepen her yoga knowledge by completing more yoga training in Rocket, Yin and Mandala Vinyasa.

Amandine loves the combination of deep Yin stretches and the invigorating flow of Rocket on the mat. She recently qualified as a Mandala Vinyasa teacher with Dulce Aguilar. She is passionate about teaching Mandala as it resonates deeply with her, focusing on moving the energy in circular patterns rather than following perfect linear movements and (sometimes) unrealistic alignments, and embodying yoga’s most authentic ethics such as ahimsa “non-harming”.

Amandine offers balanced and varied classes incorporating meditation & mindful movements as well as dynamic and inverted flows.

In short, expect to breathe, stretch, and let go.

Find Amandine teaching Dynamic Flow on Wednesdays 08:15 – 09:15 at Yogarise Streatham

Amandine teaches:

Dynamic Flow on Wednesdays 08:15-09:15 at Yogarise Streatham