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Ana Garcia Garnett

Kids Yoga

Ana first came to Yoga in 1997 when she met Sri Swami Satchidananda at a satsang in Gibraltar. By 1999 she had completed her first Hatha Yoga teacher training at his ashram in Virginia, exchanging her railcard for a yoga mat, her backpack for a bindi (this was Serious). She went on to do teacher trainings in Raja Yoga and Pranayama and then set off to University to conquer the world.

Fast forward past a career in documentary film making, novel writing, two baby boys and a whole lot of injuries, Ana figured she hadn’t quite yet mastered the art of balance or Yoga and dived back into her practice, a little less serious, perhaps a little more humble.

Over the past few years Ana has trained with the fantastic Bryony Duckitt at Yoga Beez, learning how to teach yoga to children and completed another 250hrs teacher training with Marcus Veda and Hannah Whittingham’s Good Life Yoga School, this time in Dynamic Vinyasa with much inspiration taken from the Rocket practice. She continues to practice and train with Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga Institute in the US, her goal always being to come back to stillness.

For Ana, the real Yoga comes with us off the mat and anyone can do it, no matter their flexibility. In both her own physical practice and the way she teaches, Ana is always looking for balance: the space between the push and pull and up and down and in and out and all around. She is looking for a freedom, lightness and strength in movement. Steady breath, steady body, steady mind. She uses music too, most often to keep the rhythm of the breath, sometimes to challenge that rhythm, sometimes just to have fun. Especially in her kids yoga classes, it’s about fun, breath and bravery. She encourages children to use their breath to help them, not just in movement and yoga poses, but outside in the real world too. In Ana’s classes, you can expect to work hard, breathe deep and find stillness again.

Ana teaches:

> YOGARISE PECKHAM > Thursdays 5-5.30pm


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