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Chloe Jourdain

Supper Club + Community Yoga

Chloe Jourdain grew up in Australia and first started yoga at the gym. At first she could not understand why people wasted so much time lying on the floor at the end of class when she could do that at home! Now she finds it hard to get herself off the mat. In 2021, burnout forced her to reevaluate a legal career and ask herself what she actually wanted to do. In 2022, she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Yogarise with the wonderful Erin Prichard, and co-founded SEED supper club with Amy Dudgeon; formed from the bud of an idea – to create spaces which explore the mind and body through food, writing, yoga and human connection. Chloe also started working for a brilliant charity, Migrateful, which trains refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to run cookery classes in their own cuisine.

Chloe has personally experienced the benefits of yoga for mental and physical health. She seeks to create a welcoming space for you to connect with your mind, body and breath. She teaches a strong and steady flow with modifications that make it accessible for all bodies. Chloe believes that we are constantly evolving so it is only natural that our practice does too. You will hopefully leave her class with a sense of peace and balance; perhaps inspired by a poem or philosophy excerpt too. SEED Supper club takes place every couple months at Yogarise Peckham.