Deepti Sastry

Guest Teacher, Yogarise 250HR YTT

Deepti is a trained vedic chanting teacher with over 25 years of chanting experience, 15 years practicing and teaching yoga, with a daily yoga practice. She does not know her life without yoga and hopes to share the insights she has had on her journey. She jokes that the human condition is to be neurotic and yoga is a way to better understand and creatively engage with these neuroses. Deepti started her yoga journey aged eight and has never really been able to shake off this remarkable way of life.

Since completing her basic training in 2010 Deepti has trained to teach yoga nidra, pre/postnatal yoga and the rocket yoga method but has a continuing relationship with the Krishnamacharya school/lineage in India. This lineage, founded by the father of modern yoga – T Krishnamacharya – draws on the source texts of yoga to offer a holistic and disciplined practice. She returns regularly to this school to pursue yogic philosophy, chanting and sadhana (practice) to help her lead a peaceful life that is lived in the vibrancy of the present moment.

Deepti teaches:

Yogarise Teacher Training