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Elodie Frati

Jivamukti / Dynamic Flow / On Demand

Elodie wasn’t always a mover: it took the whole of 18 months before she decided it might be interesting to see what happened on the other side of the room, and therefore get up and walk! Since then however, there has been no looking back. Moving to the UK from her native France to train as a contemporary dancer, she discovered yoga for its physical benefits, and eventually fell in love with the wider practice in all its variety, adaptability, physicality and spirituality. She is often described as ‘the smiling assassin’ so come to class expecting to work hard… whilst having fun!

Elodie is passionate about helping students cultivate respect and awareness of the body and mind, whether in the most dynamic or restorative styles, so that they can develop an expressive, strong and fluid practice (mentally and physically)!

Elodie is also a mentor for budding teachers and a fully qualified osteopath.