Emi Tull


Emi Takahashi Tull is a dedicated Dharma Yoga teacher with both 200hr and 500hr Dharma Yoga teacher certificates. Most of her life has been involved one physical discipline or another: including ballet, martial arts and yoga. Her classes incorporate challenging Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa. She pays careful attention to the students’ individual needs and gives adjustments, variations and modifications to help them deepen their practice physically, mentally and spiritually. She offers other yogic techniques including chanting to lead students towards true goal of yoga.


Emi hopes that students feel equality, compassion and peace thorough her classes. She is honoured to share the knowledge she has gained through yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra and her earlier life.

Emi teaches:


Monday 10.00 Dharma L2

Monday 19.45  Dharma Yoga L2

Friday 10.00 Dharma Yoga L2

Friday 11.45 Chanting (FREE)

Sunday 9.00 Dharma Yoga (Asana +) L2

Sunday 11.30 Dharma Yoga L2