Fern Trelfa

Creative Flow

Fern first discovered yoga over ten years ago whilst struggling with periods of stress and anxiety. Over time yoga has come to be the thread that ties all of life together, anchoring her in self belief, purpose and trust. Fern loves people, nature and turning dreams into realities. She brings all of this together in her work as a yoga teacher, therapist and as the founder of Maison Fish retreats. Fern’s vinyasa practice will have you feeling your way through juicy and creative sequencing. You can expect to feel support from the ground, celebrate your spine and explore optimised strength, space and grace in your whole body and overall state of being.

Fern loves to weave the magic of language into her work, encouraging students to delve into a deeper experience of their own body. She will often work with an over arching theme, this might be physical or philosophical, and always includes breath work and meditation. Fern would like to acknowledge her main teachers and mentors: Julie Martin, Emil Wendel, Mollie Morris, Raphan Kebe, Jambo Truong, Marc Acquaviva. For all that you give, thank you.

Fern teaches:


17.00 Sun Creative Flow