Frankie Guarino

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow / Creative Flow

Frankie is a singer-songwriter, poet and teacher of spiritual and movement practices. The essence of what she offers is aligned in awakening the truth and self-empowerment of every individual on their path. Frankie holds a deep belief that human connection is the most healing medicine.

The biggest revelations and liberations have come under the guidance of her yoga mentors Erin Prichard and Naomi Absalom as well as close friends and relationships. Frankie believes that the truth will always come to those who seek it and that it’s important to surround ourselves with people who “vibrate high”. Frankie believes that we are each other’s mirrors reflecting back the good, the bad and the ugly and that it is up to us what we do with the wisdom that unravels along the way. She believes that the transformative power of embodiment practices is not to be underestimated.

Frankie’s movement mentor David Kam says “the body holds more truth than the mind”. She believes that physical forms of spiritual expression in the form of yoga asana, free flow movement to music or silence help to bring us back to our body – our home. Meditation, breathwork, chanting, singing and creative writing are all ways in which we can discover the truth of who we are and build trust in our own voice. Frankie loves the mantra “Try less, do less, be less, feel more”. Her classes are vinyasa flow in style and are all levels, taught to music. Frankie loves to weave the thread of empowerment through creativity is all her teaching – come and explore!

Frankie teaches:

> Yogarise Peckham

17.30 Tues Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

12.45 Wed Dynamic Vinyasa Flow


> Yogarise Streatham

18.15 Mon Creative Flow