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Gideon Reeve


Gideon Reeve has vast experience in body-based practices. Since 1990 his experience has included teaching yoga to Royal Academy of Dance students and for double gold medal-winning Olympic champion Daley Thompson’s fit camp. He choreographed a show for the launch of Stella McCartney & Adidas yoga wear and has modelled and demonstrated yoga for television shows and in several yoga books and videos.

Gideon has also worked as a professional dancer and dance teacher. He is qualified to teach Pilates, yoga, personal training, exercise to music, yoga nidra and dance. Gideon is interested in bringing scientific knowledge to his teaching to help participants gain optimum results on all levels of their being. He draws on anatomy, movement theory, neurology, philosophy, psychology, and traditional practices.

Find Gideon at Yogarise Streatham teaching Pilates.

Gideon teaches:

Tuesdays 17:45-18:30 at YOGARISE STREATHAM