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Hannah Whittingham

Ashtanga / Rocket

Having put on ballet shoes at the age of 2, Hannah had a somewhat veering career path. After a teen-hood in the Royal Ballet, a History degree from Cambridge and a post-grad at the Royal Academy of Music, she spent a few years in the West End before becoming a writer, and briefly, a Magician’s Assistant. Yoga however has been her constant.

Hannah trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sri Shishadri in Mysore, Rocket and Mandala with TYP, then softened into Qigong with Sifu Matthew Cohen and Embodied Yoga Principles with Mark Walsh after a long period of anxiety. At the heart of her practice is finding stillness in movement and embracing the difference in everyone.

She now runs Good Life Yoga School alongside Marcus Veda, and is the author of 2 yoga books – Greed Sex Intention, and How to Win at Yoga: finding your selfie (Penguin). When Hannah is not yoging, she produces documentaries, occasionally moonlights back as an actor, but mainly hangs with her dogs.

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