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Hannah Whittingham

Ashtanga / Rocket

Having put on ballet shoes at the age of two, Hannah Whittingham has had a somewhat undecided career path. After a teen-hood in the Royal Ballet, a History degree from Cambridge University and a post-grad at The Royal Academy of Music, she spent a few years in the West End before becoming a writer and then a Magician’s Assistant. Yoga, however, has been her constant.

Having initially taken up the practice to deal with severe anxiety and neck tension from singing, it became an integral way of calming an overactive pingpong ball of a mind. Hannah eventually trained in India in Ashtanga Vinyasa, before taking further trainings in Rocket, Mandala Vinyasa and Yin, with The Yoga People. She is also trained in Pilates (with STOTT), and is currently one half of ‘Vidya Yoga for Schools’, an initiative to salvage the wellbeing of kids and teachers by getting yoga into education.

At the heart of her practice is a steady breath, embracing anatomical individuality, and the search for stillness in fluid movements. Yoga is slowly teaching her forgiveness, of herself as much as others, and she tries to inspire this in other people.

More recently, Hannah and her other partner-in-yogacrime, Marcus Veda, have co-written a book on yoga ethics (more fun than it sounds), ‘Greed, Sex, Intention: living like a yogi in the 21st century’, dragging the ancient texts into the modern world.

Hannah extends huge gratitude to all her teachers, especially Dulce and Jamie, as well as Alaric Newcombe (for keeping the coccyx in check), Emi Tull (for never believing the words ‘I can’t’), Simon Borg-Olivier (for redefining alignment), Marcus Veda (for her intro to Rocket Yoga), Matthew Raymond Cohen (for proving softness can be strong) and Stewart Gilchrist, all of whom remind her daily that yoga can change the world.

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