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Jaqui Wan

AcroYoga / Vinyasa Flow

Jaqui was formally a white-collar worker and had her set weekly routine of doing the gym a couple of times a week with no interest in the practice of yoga asana. This was until she discovered David Sye of YogaBeats who taught at her then gym. Now twenty-five years on; the seeds of yoga asana has sprouted and is abundantly flowering. She has been teaching both yoga asana and acroyoga for around fifteen years.


Jaqui has studied with numerous eminent teachers and practitioners in the UK, India and the US. She began her teaching journey with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga completing training with Brian Cooper and Nawajoyti and after that has been drawn to various forms of asana yoga including Jivamukti, Anusara, Shadow, Yogic Arts, Forrest Yoga and Dharma Yoga. Her most recent influences have been myofascial movement and how it applies to yoga. She is an avid learner and is very much a life long student in this practice.


Jaqui was first introduced to acroyoga in 2005 when she met Jason Nemer, one of the co-founders of AcroYoga International and was encouraged to join their first teacher training in 2006. Jaqui is a now an AcroYoga Level 2 teacher; teaches regular classes, workshops and solar immersions. It was through this practice that she was introduced to partner acrobatics and discovered there is a long European tradition of this practice in both Germany and Holland. She is a keen advocate for the playful collaboration and connection that this practice emanates.


Jaqui’s teaching experience has allowed her to address a class with different needs and levels and have them leave feeling supported and accomplished. She has a challenging yet light-hearted style. She has an attention to detail that can address a group without finger-pointing, with the purpose of group-based learning. She actively encourages others to shine; to her, it’s about lifting the capacity and potential of the room.

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