Junior Valentine | Yin-Yang Yoga Classes | Peckham Rye
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Junior Valentine


Junior Valentine is a proud South London native – born and bred – with a background in performance. Since the age of six, he has developed a deep love for the arts and the discipline that it carries. 

Junior’s classes are fun energetic with a dash of sass, combine creative sequencing and a spirit of playfulness with a dose of inspiration to help deepen your practice with a hint of spirituality. He doesn’t take yoga too seriously; he believes you take what you want and need from the practice.

Junior invites you to come and share in the joy, experience the authentic honesty with each other and like-minded energies. Junior teaches Ashtanga, Mandala & Shamanism Vinyasa, Rocket, & Forrest yoga.

Junior works deeply with energy through Reiki and QI-gong, his thirst for knowledge is forever expanding. In his spare time catch him singing a tune, throwing some shapes or splits on the dance floor.

Junior teaches: