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Junior Valentine


Junior Valentine is a proud South London native – born and bred with a background in performing. Since the age of six, he was trusted on the stage and developed a deep love ever since for the arts and the discipline that it carries. 

Junior’s yoga journey began a long long time ago where he combined his performing with the yoga practice but he wasn’t fully ready to accept the practice in all its glory, it wasn’t till a few years later that he would fully embrace his yogic path and truly fall deep love for the practice. Junior began to notice the benefits of the mind-body and soul union through yoga & meditation; it began to reawaken the unspoken connection that he shares with the universe.

Junior’s classes are fun energetic with a dash of sass, combine creative sequencing and a spirit of playfulness with a dose of inspiration to help deepen your practice with a hint of spirituality. He doesn’t take yoga too seriously he believes you take what you want and need from the practice.

Junior invites you to come and share in the joy, experience the authentic honesty with each other and like-minded energies. Junior teaches Ashtanga, Mandala & Shamanism Vinyasa, Rocket, & Forrest yoga.

Junior works deeply with energy as Reiki master and QI-gong, his thirst for knowledge is forever expanding. In his spare time catch him singing a tune, throwing some shapes, splits on the dance floor and getting dramatic when performing.

Junior teaches:

Revive and Renew with yoga and sound at yogarise peckham Mon 2 January 2023 14:00-16:00

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