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Kate O’Neill

Pregnancy Yoga

Kate has been teaching yoga for over three years and has been a student of yoga for over ten. She decided to train as a teacher so she could become someone who holds space for others – whatever they are dealing with/whatever they need at that particular time. “Anxiety has dictated a lot of my teenage and adult life – worrying that I wasn’t achieving enough, doing enough, pleasing enough people etc and then finally burning out completely, which I believe to be a very common thing that happens in today’s society.”

Her intention as a teacher is to help facilitate people’s yoga practices so that each individual learns to honour their body and mind – moving at their own pace, not feeling pressured or judged and instead learning that compassion for the self is a true skill and although it’s something we are not taught enough, it can be so wonderful when we eventually learn it and can lead to us having more compassion and love for the community around us.

She describes herself as warm and friendly and she truly believes in making her students feel at ease in her classes. “I ask them to be intuitive and playful. To look inside and know when it’s time to challenge and know when it’s time to rest.”

Kate teaches:

Pregnancy Yoga