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Marcus Veda


Marcus came to yoga for the physical fix but soon found the magic went deeper. With a degree in philosophy he spent his 20s mostly exploring the good life as one half of the Loose Cannons DJs, remixing, recording and touring the world, living the high/low-life.

Off-stage, he first came to the mat through martial arts- combining the self-discipline and control of ninjutsu with the freedom and flow of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The yoga came as a way to recover from lingering injuries picked up along the way.

But the need to properly heal the body coincided with a sneaking desire for change in the mind. Maxing-out every studio intro-offer in London, and trying any style of yoga available, he finally landed on Dynamic Vinyasa and more specifically, the Ashtanga-inspired Rocket system, which satisfied his undying urge to fly.

Going on to teacher trainings with The Yoga People, David Swenson, David Kyle, and Jason Crandell, he also studied in Yin Yoga too, complementing the daily yang of London city-life with a deepening appreciation of meditation, stillness of mind and yoga beyond the asanas that originally drew him in. In 2015 he co-founded the Dead Yogis Society, a karma yoga movement to wipe the gloss off the lips of #instayoga and return to the breath, sweat and rawness of the practice.

He has also co-written two books with Hannah Whittingham: on yogic philosophy, Greed, Sex, Intention- Living like a yogi in the 21st Centuryand postures in the age of social media, How To Win at Yoga.” As well as running their own teacher trainings through The Good Life Yoga School in London.

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