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Mina Hosokawa

Guest Teacher

Mina’s early experience of yoga was Astanga self-practice (Mysore style) in East London in 1998. Since then, her teaching style is very much drawn from this practice, and through her inquiries on and off the mat under the watchful eyes of her teachers Sarah Litton and Hamish Hendry. She has been fortunate to have guidance from amazing teachers and Mina believes she will forever be a student of yoga – what she shares with students is the result of her endless curiosity and love for the practice.

Mina’s goal in teaching is for students to establish a more regular and fulfilling practice across all ages and body types. Yoga is inclusive, it can be modified to suit anyone from any background and it’s not just a physical thing. She is excited to share all layers of what yoga practice can offer because Mina believes anyone can use yoga practice and philosophy to help navigate life and elevate health.

Mina says “ It’s my mission to make yoga practice more accessible to everyone and I do this through being a good communicator to students, and most importantly, I try my best to be a teacher who can explain yoga from both the scientific and the energetic perspective.”

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