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Misha Patel

Dynamic Flow

Misha Patel grew up in an Indian household and yoga philosophy has always been a part of her life.

Misha trained with Austin Ince for my first 200h and has taught for 6 years.

“Yoga has helped me to find and nourish the connection between mind and body. Through my early days of practice something clicked, and I realized there was magic happening as we went through the postures. Nothing had ever made me feel so grounded and I was determined to share this practice, that was deeply rooted in my culture.

Soon after my first training, I met David Swenson and travelled to Sweden to take advanced Ashtanga training under his guidance. I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease just before the training. I couldn’t push myself like I used to and it was frustrating at the time. However, it is through moments like this that I have learnt that yoga is both on and off the mat – what we do in our practice can often translate into our everyday life. It could be letting go of our expectations or simply finding our own rhythm in life.

My classes incorporate yoga philosophy and traditional practices. I have explored different styles of yoga since I’ve been teaching and have trained in restorative yoga, mandala vinyasa and advanced assisting in asana with Michael James Wong. I am excited to undergo my pregnancy training in 2022 since becoming a mum in 2021.

I thoroughly enjoy learning about the body and the different ways we can nourish it through movement. My classes are always structured intelligently with anatomy of the body in mind.

I am extremely grateful to my teachers who continuously guide and inspire me – Austin Ince, David Swenson, The Yoga People, Anna Ashby and Amanda Denton.”

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