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Natasha Kerry


Upon leaving university, Natasha worked for some time in the corporate world where she found herself unmotivated, tense and wanting more. Following her Yogi mother’s advice she decided to reconnect to the practice of Yoga. Natasha felt the need to reevaluate her career path and undertook her initial 250 hours of teacher training in India at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram, an experience that would change the way she viewed life forever. Back in London, she integrated Yoga and all she had learned in India into her urban city life and completed a further 200 hours of training in Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga and Yoga immersions with many inspiring International Yogis.


The two things she is the most passionate about in life being Yoga and Sleep she has combined the two to create The Yoga Sleep Method.


Natasha teaches Yoga full-time, leading private sessions and public classes in homes, workplaces and studios across London.She teaches intuitively and strongly believes in adapting to the needs of each individual or class.

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