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Rebecca Bradley

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Rebecca Bradley is a Yoga teacher based in South East London. Born in the Cheshire countryside, trained as an actor, moved to the big city, worked in many a bar & restaurant, walked some crazy dogs, taught some even crazier children drama singing and dancing, then stumbled into a yoga class and that was it, she was hooked!

Very quickly Rebecca realised this was something that was sticking, organising her day around getting to practice, she started to feel stronger physically and mentally and soon realised that the many benefits of her yoga practice on the mat were flowing into her life off the mat. Yoga has helped her in so many different ways, she’s a firm believer that this wonderful practice has a very simple yet magical way of making you feel more connected, grounded, balanced, and truly happier and wishes to spread this magic and joy throughout her classes.

Upon completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Ashtanga, she’s since then gone on to complete a further 320 hours of advance teacher training in Mandala Vinyasa, Rocket, and Yin with The Yoga People. Rebecca teaches Yoga full time across London in a variety of studios & gyms as well as to private and corporate clients and hosts Yoga retreats UK based as well as abroad. She says “I’m so grateful to have this practice in my life and feel very privileged to be able to share it with you all.” In her classes she will guide, support and encourage students to move their bodies intelligently and intuitively, creating more freedom, space, and balance in the body, mind, and soul.