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Sarah Logue

Kids Yoga

Sarah is a 290 RYT (Vinyãsa, Rocket, Children’s Yoga), with a passion for people. Sarah comes from a background of music, acting, and maths. Prior to COVID-19 her world consisted mostly of these three things, with a yoga practice as her secret weapon to handle her mental and physical stability.

Sarah grew up in a religious background, so a connection with the unknown has always been a guiding force in her life. Coming into her teacher training it was suddenly revealed to her that she could unite these guiding forces; music, movement and connection to teach and hold space for people.

It was (and is) the perfect anchor to ground her in a whirlwind time.

Yoga helps Sarah to maintain loving connect with her body – working with it, not against it. To breathe through her fears, not stop them.

Sarah adores the endless world of discovery within the yoga practice and aims to make her classes personal, fun with a heavy focus on connecting in with your deepest self, and learning to enjoy the bumps and twists on the way.

Sarah teaches:

Kids Yoga