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Shamita Ray

Dynamic Flow / Sanskrit Teacher

Shamita Ray started life as a dancer and choreographer, specialising in contemporary dance and bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance). She started practising Iyengar yoga to increase flexibility and complement dance training. A chance wandering into an Ashtanga class one day turned what was, until then, a mere hobby, into a lifelong passion, rivalling her love for dance.

She went on to undertake 200 & 500 hour teacher training, eventually developing her own style of Dynamic Yoga which combines the precision and alignment of Iyengar, with the breath and dynamism of Ashtanga. Ever curious to explore the many facets of yoga, she has also completed teacher trainings in Yin (with Norman Blair), Ashtanga (with David Swenson), Forrest Yoga (with Ana Forrest), meditation (with Sally Kempton), and gong meditation (with Aidan McIntyre).

Thirsty to explore yoga’s history, philosophy and Sanskrit language, she recently completed an MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS.

Her classes are creative, flowing, peaceful, and deep. She loves challenging practitioners to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness.

Offering classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide, she uses her background as a dancer to choreograph imaginative sequences that move seamlessly from one posture to another, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement. The practice is safe, nurturing, and sustainable, designed to serve body and mind, regardless of ability level.

Committed to giving back, Shamita is dedicated to supporting charity projects around the world. Her first project was a collaboration with Earthwatch and saw the creation of a Tiny Forest in West London. In partnership with Calcutta Rescue, she has also supported the creation of a new school for disadvantaged children from the streets and slums of Calcutta. For more information, go to

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