Suzanne Pendlebury | Warm Dynamic Flow | Yogarise Streatham
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Suzanne Pendlebury

Warm Dynamic Flow + Dynamic Flow

Suzanne grew up in Manchester and, after studying fashion, moved to London to begin a career in buying. Practicing yoga for over 20 years she uses the practice as a way to look inwards and ensure living moments never escape her. She finds that yoga offers moments of calm and time for herself. In her practice she gains skills that can be taken off the mat and applied to everyday life.

Grateful to have practiced in studios with great teachers who were very welcoming, Suzanne wants to create that same safe space for all who practice with her – learning to understand what works for you and your body, taking away the pressure we often put on ourselves, no expectations, no judgement.  Always offering options to adapt your practice, Suzanne wants you to move however feels right; and hopefully, have some fun along the way.

Suzanne teaches: