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Yazmin Low

Vinyasa Flow

Raised in India, Yazmin has been immersed in the tradition of yoga since childhood, returning in her adult life to live and study as a yoga teacher in Mysore and the Himalayas, training in the form of Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga styles.


Through her personal journey and passion for the yoga discipline, Yazmin felt impelled to return to the West to share the wisdom of this ancient tradition as a path to truth and self-realisation.


Yazmin’s teaching style is deep, fluid and guided by intuition. She mindfully choreographs sequences and offers variations for all levels of ability, encouraging her students to honour their bodies and feelings, whilst bringing attention to breath and intelligent alignment. She is known for her use of inspirational music and the peppering of accessible, heartfelt philosophy in class.


Yazmin extends much gratitude to her teachers past whom she has gained much knowledge from, yet her curious nature and thirst for knowledge has thus far not been quenched. In more recent years she completed a two year internship with the renowned UK Bhakti Yoga leader Nikki Slade, becoming certified in Kirtan Devotional Chanting, promptly moving onto study three years of in-depth Anatomy and Physiology at The London School of Osteopathy in her interest to bridge science and spirituality for herself.

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