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HIT THE barre!

barre; horizontal bar at waist level on which dancers rest a hand for support during exercise

What even is a Barre Workout?


A low-impact and high-intensity workout that targets the whole body. Barre fitness combines the movement of ballet, the strengthening of pilates and the stretching of yoga and delivers it in a 45 minute class! 

This class offers all of the body benefits of ballet dancing – barre the need to attempt a pirouette or jump around the studio 😉


What can I expect in a class and how is the ballet barre used?


The Barre fitness method uses both the dancer’s barre and yoga mats. The barre is there as a prop to help you balance! During these sessions, you will focus on isometric strength exercises – holding most of your body still while you contract specific sets of muscles. These movements are often small, but don’t underestimate them, you’ll feel the burn in the morning..

TOP TIP: You will usually be asked to remove your shoes for this class to prevent slips + falls, so bring your grippiest socks!

I’m no ballet dancer. Will barre be okay for me?


Though this is an intense and effective full-body workout, no previous dance experience of any kind is required at all!  The barre method is accepting of all fitness and ability levels! 

Our teachers will always demonstrate the movements first and then provide encouragement +  corrections for you to follow! All positions can be modified to suit your body, so you can get the most out of every movement! 

Barre isn’t as serious or complex as some imagine it! Thanks to our lovely instructors, upbeat tunes and endorphin – pumping movements, you’ll definitely have a good time as you plié.. no leotard necessary 😌


Experience the benefits of Barre at Yogarise Streatham!

Sculpt, strengthen and elongate your muscles! A unique blend of ballet and Pilates that target the abs, thighs, glutes and arms.

Dynamic fun awaits you!